Book the perfect experience gift in Kansas City and make these times into valuable memories that will last forever. Access our line-up of Original KC Experience Gifts ™ for local experiences, including, helicopter tours, NASCAR driving experiences — putting you in the driver’s seat, local B&B stays and more. Using these as a gift for friends or family, adventure packages and experiences serve as unique gift ideas for any occasion and they’re useable for every season!

Best experience gifts in Kansas City, Missouri

The best experience gifts are the ones giving you the ability to give the gift for someone else to re-live the city’s unique experiences themselves. Now you can exchange your lame gift ideas for unique, personalized Kansas City experience gifts. By selecting from tours, sporting events, adventure themed options and more, your recipient can experience Kansas City in a new way with these gift packages — perfect for any occasion!

Experiential immersive experience gifts coming soon to Kansas City!

Kid-Approved Family Gift Experiences

The whole family can enjoy your gift choice, too. From giving them a certificate to a local exhibit to accessing an alpaca petting farm, there are gifts suitable for both child and parent. A date on the calendar for family-friendly activity such as cultural attractions or even just a relaxing stay is what’s up next for them.

All sales are final but they can be exchanged (for virtual Gift Cards) if you’re not happy for any reason. We take customer satisfaction seriously and promise that we will hold your hand along the way with our award-winning customer support.

(We host local token-gated events for customers in KC for the Kansas City DAO so we know it’s a small world)

Experience Gifts Just for Adults

City celebrities wine and dine at the best establishments in the city, so why don’t you, too? Enjoy exhibit tasting and food tours, spa treatments and adult only adventure — whether it’s a Kansas City Holiday or just because!

Adult-only community parties are also held for customers, being invite-only.

Plus, these are such a great set of deals that these are limited and once they’re gone, they’re bye-bye.

Couples Gifts

With all the special events happening now, there’s never a needful dull moment any longer. Enjoy local B&B stays, couples massage treatments, and much more for date night or day-away entertainment.

Your gift just might bring the couple back together (so they’re not strangers anymore).

Adventure Gifts

It doesn’t need to be the holiday season to be up for a lil’ adventure. Gift friends or family creative ways to spend a day racing an exotic car (stockcar, Lamborghini, etc) or choose NASCAR ride-alongs on a world-class race course, hot air balloon rides, bull riding and many other options to unplug and go play in the KC area!

Perfect for the thrill seekers, adventure experiences are a great gift we know many people dream about receiving for a good time — give something good that’s like this at least once in a lifetime.

More Experience Gifts in Kansas City

While you’re out, you’ll find there’s more culture and attractions than just barbecue and historic memorabilia in KC. Take a look at some of the guided tours, classes, shopping options and access given to the host with the most!

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the common questions we get about our experience gift packages.

How does it work?

You will receive an instant gift (in the form of an e-voucher) which will be downloadable immediately after purchase. Additionally, a confirmation email will be sent to your email address with the e-voucher code that you will have as a second copy.

It’s as simple as that. You buy the offer and get the e-voucher code immediately after payment.

What do I do after that?

If it’s meant as a gift, then depending on your style, you can either forward the e-voucher to the recipient via email or print a paper copy and stick the voucher in your Hallmark card.

For example, if the experience package is for you or your family, you can simply go to booking page (shown on your e-voucher) and use the e-voucher code to actually book your date for the enjoying the experience.

Either way, your code on the e-voucher is how you (or the recipient) will actually book their experience package to attend.

Can the recipient choose their own adventure?

Yes, the way to go about doing this is by going with a Gift Card purchase. This way, the recipient can visit our website and use the user credit that you have added to their Kansas City Gift Card. It serves as a virtual wallet so then your gift recipient can simply use their voucher credentials with the gift card you purchased for them, and they can use that to redeem experience packages and book the experiences on their own.

How many experiences do you offer for the gift card option?

All of the experiences offered on are redeemable with our gift cards. There are +50 options currently available and more are coming in the near future. The recipients of the gift card will benefit in this way with no expiration dates, and have the ability to book at their convenience.

So are gift cards better than buying an experience package gift, then?

Not necessarily, it depends on the recipient and your insight about which experiences of ours they might like the most. For example, if you’ve heard them mention they want to fly in a helicopter sometime, then a helicopter tour might be more preferred due to the *personalization compared to a gift card. On the flip side, if you just want to give them options to a realm of many experience possibilities, then you can opt for a gift card which would be better in this type of a situation for gifting.

*If you choose wrong, you still have no worries because your recipient can exchange the experience gift for another option we have in the Kansas City area. No risk for you nor them!