Experience Kansas City — there is nowhere like it on earth.

Kansas City is like no other place on earth: it has the world’s best bar-b-q and with the greatest number of city fountains (after Paris, France) in its Plaza—a spectacle for all ages. Discover the gleaming sunset rays amid the towering metropolis backdrop while gliding over the city in a helicopter; lose yourself in The Missouri River’s spiritual splendor and learn how the warmth of the people complements the city’s ideal city plan. We want you to visit the Kansas City suburbs and discover your own personal heavenly KC experiences.

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Find Fun Things to Do
In Kansas City

Take a look at all of the different things you can do in the Greater Metropolitan Area! Whether it is for you, your lover, colleagues or for the entire family, there are plenty of fun things to do in the city!

Rediscover Kansas City 

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See & Do in Kansas City

Check out the most popular tour experience options in the City.

🚁 Helicopter Rides & Tour Experience

Local helicopter rides are becoming more popular in the area, and we’re honored to continually serve the local area with tours ranging from 15 minutes to custom tours spanning a couple hours, depending on your package. 

Learn more about the Helicopter Ride Experience for more details.

🏘️ Short Term Rental Experience

Stay at one of the area’s finest bed & breakfasts by finding the deals often seen as ‘booked’ on sites like Airbnb, VRBO and more short term rental sites.

Learn more about Short Term Rental Experience for more details.

🐎 Horseback Riding Experience

Saddle-up and go horseback riding throughout the scenic pastures located in the outskirts of the city. Great to do for people starting out or for bringing a bit of the Wild West in your weekly routine.

Learn more about the Horseback Riding Experience for more details.

💆 Massage Therapy Experience

Take some time to relax and unwind with professional massage therapy performed at the location in the city.  Trained Masseurs know the precise locations in the body to feel the beneficial effects. 

Learn more about the Massage Therapy Experience for more details.

📸 Professional Photography Experience

With so many opportunities for gathering Instagram-worthy photos in the city, you might want to hire your own photographer to capture the moment perfectly.

Learn more about Local Professional Photography Experience for more details.