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Help us bring Spirit Fest to the Metaverse in 2023. 

Kansas City skyline art

How We Do


We’re here imagineering what will brighten up your day.

With you at the center we exist to set you up with rare experience offers unique to Kansas City. Whether you’re buying something for giving to someone else as a gift or if you want to do the experience with your friends and family, you can order your experience package at  MyKCOffers, risk-free. 

It’s risk-free because we offer limited e-voucher drops and if you ever want to exchange the voucher to another experience type you can do that no problem– forever– with user credit, and our generous return policy allows you to return vouchers no questions asked whether you or the recipient are not satisfied with the e-voucher purchase. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed is what MyKCOffers is all about.

Specializing in user experience, we collaborate with local tourism specialists to provide a one-stop-shop for local experiences such as helicopter rides, skydiving (jumping from a plane — not indoor skydiving), racing sports cars, bed and breakfast packages, local spa packages and much more. Basically IRL stuff you can do that is rewarding and memorable.  Now you can reward yourself, and your family. And your friends/giftees.   

It’s also a step for Kansas City into Web3 behind-the-scenes. A percentage of profits gets invested into a treasury to fund a metaverse. In the future, a community token will get you into IRL token-gated parties around town.  The same token in your digital wallet will get you into the Spirit Fest Metaverse, coming soon.

My KC Offers

Help us bring Spirit Fest to the Metaverse

Join us to bring this project to reality and support our vision by purchasing our packages.  If you’re interested in joining the project, please consider applying for our team bring this vision to reality.